He's loving his new toys! Definitely wants to chew on everything :) So far...no accidents in the house :) We are just completely in love with this little guy! Thank you again !


We love Dillon, he is very much a part of our family. He begs to get his picture taken and he poses for them. He is so much fun. We get a lot of laughs.


We bought a black lab from you around October 16th or so. There were 2 left and we took the smaller guy. He is doing great! We love him so much! Bear boy!!


I took Zoey out last Thursday to a local hunt club. She was outstanding for a 4 month old pup. I though your family may want to know that she is doing well and learning quickly.


Got home today around 3pm, puppy did great! Slept most of the 220 miles home. We had 3 names picked out and we decided to name her Rylee. She's very active and our 3 girls just love her! Thank you very much!


Hi Bill I just wanted to let you know that Suzy is doing great! You were right.....she is SO much fun! 🙂 I'm enclosing a picture of her with her first duck (toy).


He is 69 pounds sitting with his "brother" He's doing really good a gentle giant!!


Rosco is now 4months old. 53 lbs and a bundle of joy and love. We couldn't ask for a better friend


Thought I would let you guys know roscoe is doing good, his birthday is today. Great dog !


Thanks for helping me get such a smart awsome dog she retrieves so easy eveytime I have her holding it until my hand eveytime she sit stays heals so well she will be finding me sheds she has just been picking up on things so fast she listens better then my other lab already pretty much lol she is smart


Just want you to know, Murphy (Dog 3-orange collar), is enjoying his new home.


Riley is settling in well!! We are so happy with our puppy!!


She has changed so much in 2 weeks! She is a smart little pup! We named her Kylo!


Hello and happy new year from Jeff and I, and of course, Ruger! Ruger is loving British Columbia and did very well on the 36hr drive that it took us to get here. He was only 3 months old when we made the trip and he was the best behaved in the truck for sure. He has many doggy friends here and plays so well with them all! We go on a couple of walks a day and to the lake a couple of times a week. He loves the water! He also loves truck rides, we bring him everywhere!

Link 16 weeks.jpg

Hi, my name is Dillon. I am very happy in my new home. I am learning all kinds of things, like going potty outside, sitting, walking on a leash and retrieving. I am loved very much. I can be sassy by barking. I am just trying to tell them what I want. Thank you for my forever new home.

17 weeks.jpg

Thank you so much for such an amazing puppy! We are in love!